Personalization for a National Outdoor Retail Co-op

EY-Society created and delivered advanced personalization segments for our client's ecommerce experience.


Our client had both online and offline customer data sets that needed to be mapped in order to identify a user across both channels. Once the users could be identified, the subsequent challenge was understanding which segments were highest value and then building a personalized web experience for the way customers wanted to shop or browse online.


EY-Society provided expertise on personalization, data science, and Adobe technologies.  EY-Society joined disparate data sources in order to map offline Customer ID with online Web ID.  EY-Society then applied advance analytics to understand high value shoppers, identify new customers who fit high value shopper segments but hadn’t yet made a purchase, and deliver personalized web experiences that were predictive of how a user wanted to browse or buy based on their interests.


High value customers, both new and known, are able to be identified when they come to the online site and a personalized experience is delivered to surface product results that are specific and unique to these segments of customers.  Initial tests online with the identified segments of users are already starting to show a lift in conversions.