Big Data Solution for a Global Marketing Team

A major software company with more than 100 million worldwide users. The marketing team responsible for these users is supported by a global marketing operations team that provides data, deep insights, segmentation, and personalization to marketers and targeting platforms worldwide.

“Huge Congratulations to the entire team!! Thanks to everyone for making this release go smooth. We can showcase this as one of the ‘BEST’ Version 1.0 releases. Great Job Team!” — Project Owner


Several terabytes of data per day flow through the network, but legacy processing systems cannot keep pace with processing requirements. Quality issues abound, and latency is increasing. The team needs to provide a clean, central source of data truth, while getting back to established SLAs and opening up more data to and analytics capabilities. To do this, the team is betting on a new analytics platform that is underpinned by a set of big data processing pipelines. The solutions also requires large amounts of data to be sent between data centers across the public internet.


EY-Society provided a full range of Big Data services including architecture, project management, development, and testing to create the complete solution. This approach enabled EY-Society to move quickly and establish a set of sprints that saw a full release within 6 months. EY-Society used its substantial Big Data experience to address issues such as user de-duplication, data enrichment, and data quality. In addition, EY-Society set up the inter-company data transfer quickly, with high quality and appropriate security.


The client launched their new analytics platform on time and has now rolled out to thousands of marketers worldwide. The client has exceeded their adoption targets at every milestone.