Big Data Platform for a Global Marketing Team

The client needed Big Data services to help power its new video-on-demand service. Using its knowledge of Big Data platform architecture, EY-Society created a unique scalable platform to underpin a nationwide rollout.


The client needed a single platform to collect, process, and distribute data for both customer targeting and business intelligence purposes. Data coming from the end user experience was both high volume and high velocity. The data needed to be moved through a set of data pipelines in a performant manner, while not losing granularity, and integrate with several downstream systems.


EY-Society created an architecture that kept the data at its most granular level, but also allowed the data to be aggregated quickly when needed. The architecture leverages multiple services to provide agility and scale, and also to enable easy integration with tools such as Tableau.


The services are up and running and feeding data to constituent systems. The architecture is performant and meets downstream requirements. The client is preparing for a nationwide launch of its new services, aiming to disrupt entrenched media distributors.