Analytics Tagging for a New Product Launch

An interactive media company focused on making life improvements accessible to everyone. Utilizing behavioral science, personalized rich media, and fun social gaming techniques in their offerings, the client makes the process of personal growth fun, simple, and effective.

“You guys are first class and we look forward to finding the right next project.” – Project Sponsor


The client has several iPhone and Android apps that are for personal growth and health. The apps turn a phone into a source of inspiration by allowing the user to send inspiring photos and videos to their friends, in addition to tracking their energy, mood, exercise, and nutrition using a simple GUI. The client needed a Windows Phone version of their app, and did not have the skills on staff to create the app.


EY-Society’s Windows Mobile development team took full responsibility for the app, from creating the project plan, developing and testing the app, and getting it approved through the Windows Phone App store. There was little in the way of existing documentation or specifications, so EY-Society worked closely with client stakeholders to create what was needed.


The app is now available on the Windows Phone store, and was launched via a client press release. The -EY Society app is considerably smoother and faster than the client’s iOS and Android apps. EY-Society’s database expertise also helped improve the data access functionality. EY-Society was also able to identify bugs in the iOS version that were reported to the client.