We have a rich heritage of serving blue chip clients and providing an outstanding work environment.


Society Consulting team joins the EY family.


Society becomes the largest independent analytics consulting company in the nation, eclipsing the 250 employee mark. Consulting Magazine ranks Society at #21 on its list of fastest-growing consulting firms in the nation, with Society being the top analytics consulting firm. Society expands into Silicon Valley. The company serves over 200 clients nationwide.


Society expands its geographical reach by expanding into Austin and Southern California. Its Big Data and Digital Analytics teams are regarded as one of the most experienced in the industry. Society becomes one of the largest independent analytics consultancies in the nation. Clients total more than 150 across several industries. Society eclipses the 225 employee mark.


Society Consulting continues to grow and make its mark on the industry. The company adds several blue chip clients to its portfolio, and ranks #4 on the list of Best Companies to Work for in Washington. Society ranks among the fastest-growing companies in the nation, earning the #998 spot on the annual Inc. 5000 list. Society expands into New York City to meet client demand.


Pentad Solutions changes its name to Society Consulting on Jan 1, 2012. The name change reflects the ownership change, and the company's evolution to a pure consulting model. Big Data, Digital Analytics, Software Development, and Managed Services are the largest growth areas for the company. The company reaches 165 employees with clients across several industries.


Pentad Solutions buys out 2 of its partners, with the 3 remaining partners taking over full responsibility for the company. The company hires Chad Richeson as CEO, and invests heavily in building out its Analytics and Big Data practices. The company grows to 110 employees.


The JobMob changes its name to Pentad Solutions, reflecting the relationship between the 5 business partners. Pentad Analytics is launched, reflecting the company's move into digital analytics. The company grows to 70 employees with an expanding client base.


The company grows rapidly, to 40 employees. Key clients include Gist and Microsoft. The company's focus is on product development and marketing operations.


The JobMob is founded on August 1, 2008 by 5 friends and business associates, with the goal of providing an employee-centric culture and superior service to technology clients in the Seattle area.